International Relations Office &
Continuing Education Division (IRO & CED)


The UNPRI's International Relations Office & Continuing Education Division (IRO & CED) was established in 2007. The continuing education division target on supporting adult learning and develop professional skills through various programmes. Overall, the International Relations Office aims to support the university's international strategy in obtaining international standing by building partnership with other instutions while preparing students towards globalization.

Staff Lists

International Relations Offices (IRO)
Director :    Fioni, MD
Staff : Molek, DDS
Continuing Education Division (CED)
Program Development & Alliances Coordinator     : Florenly, DDS, MHSM, MPH
Event Organizer : Mellisa Sim, DDS


Promote The Universitas Prima Indonesia internationally and alliance with university's partners in developing programmes to provide quality education.


  • Promote The Universitas Prima Indonesia (UNPRI) in achieving international standing.
  • Response to global challenge in providing qualified programmes for adult with continuing education.
  • Improve human resources quality by developing programmes for professional advancement & adult learning with practical skills related activities.
  • Motivate, inspire and involve in social events to support community.
  • Encourage learning & support to students, faculty members, partners and community through education and research.

Role Statement

  • Promote the enchancement of The Universitas Prima Indonesia's international standing through various partnership internationally, including developing initiatives and organizing activities for students, staff and partners.
  • Develop programmes and alliance with other institutions in creating adult learning courses to support professionalism by building up skills.
  • Provide complete information for overseas students and assist them during their study at the university, and facilitate student exchange programmes.
  • Encourage and facilitate development in academic and research areas, as well as involvement un international humanity / social events.
  • Assist and support international researchers and academic lecturers during their assignment at the university.
  • Management of an international visitor programmes for international partners.

Continuing Education

  • Programmes
  • Professional Development alliance with 10 faculties Students Exchange Adult Learning
  • Partners
  • Universitas Sains Malaysia - Malaysia
  • Unisel - Malaysia
  • KISMEC - Malaysia
  • Progressive Orthodontics - USA
  • VGHKS - Taiwan

International Students Support

  • Faculty links
  • Exchange programmes
  • Future Students: inquiry, admission & administrative support


For programmes enquiry & International Student Support:
For institution & partnership:

Member of AIPKI (Asosiasi Institusi Pendidikan Kedokteran Indonesia)

Member of AFDOGI (Asosiasi Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi Indonesia)