Pusat Unggulan Iptek & Pengabdian Masyarakat - Diabetic Care & Tech

Diabetes, which increased over the past few years, requires comprehensive treatment and involves various related parties, terms of management is not only focuse in therapy but also in preventing complications. Centre of excelence Diabetic care and Tech was formed to improve the performance of science and technology, carry out Research and Development activities as preventive, curative, and rehabilitative against various cases of Diabetes Mellitus.


Center for Excellence in Science and Technology (PUI) Diabetic Care and Tech. (First-String for Diabetic - FsFD), Prima Indonesia University as a PUI-PT is a path to recognition and existence as an international standard study and reference center with a biopsychosocial approach in the Preventive, Curative and Rehabilitative fields of Diabetes Mellitus involving health experts, nutritionists, pharmacists, psychologists and sociotechnopreneurship-based Information Technology. PUI Diabetic Care and Tech carries out Research and Development activities to realize preventive, curative, and rehabilitative against various cases of diabetes mellitus. To realize this, it is necessary to carry out research and technological innovation optimally, continuously, and up-to-date in accordance with the needs of the wider community. In providing science and technology support and innovation, PUI Diabetic Care and Tech UNPRI, realizes the importance of added value and capacity building to strengthen the carrying capacity of science and technology, innovation and technology diffusion in structured and programmed prevention, treatment and rehabilitative efforts based on sociotechnopreneurship in the management of diabetes mellitus. The increasing cases of diabetes locally, nationally and globally need comprehensive and integrated handling from various parties. In handling diabetes, it is not only therapeutic but comprehensively must be prevented so that prediabetic patients do not continue to become diabetic and sufferers.


  1. Diabetes Research Referrals - Become a center for research studies and publications of researchers and observers in the field of diabetes and health
  2. Digital-based Diabetes Screenings - As the main referral place for digital and affordable early screening of diabetes and its complications
  3. Quality Improvement for Medicinal Plants - Medical plants is one of the supremecy of PUI Diabetic and Tech UNPRI in creating herbal medicines registered by Indonesian Food and drugs adminitration in treating diabetes, preventing diabetes and its complications.
  4. Treatment of Diabetes and Complications - Diabetes treatment must be carried out in a comprehensive manner not only from the pharmacological side but treatment from diet, psychology, medical rehabilitation in many aspects to improve the standard of living of patients and families.


  1. 2019-2020
    • Achievement of national decentralization and competitive research as well as community service UNPRI funding and national competitiveness.
    • Achievement of outcomes from national decentralization and competitive research and community services.
  2. 2020-2022
    • Increase scientific publications in reputable international journals.
    • The implementation of applied basic research, development and community service is multidisciplinary.
    • Become a national reference
    • Increase the acquisition of research funds, dedication and national and international collaboration
  3. 2022-2030
    • PUI Diabetic Care and Tech is the goals of research on diabetes and its derivatives in Indonesia and global around the world.
    • Internationalization of PUI Diabetic Care and Tech and ongoing international conferences and Scopus indexed journals.
    • Superior products of PUI Diabetic Care and Tech innovation and research.

Our Team

Fiska Maya Wardhani Bella Fernanda Yolanda Eliza Putri Lubis Widya Yanti Sihotang
Director of PUI Diabetic and Tech Public Relation PUI Diabetic and Tech Secretary of PUI Diabetic and Tech Vice Director of PUI Diabetic and Tech


Produce works that can be applied for the benefit of strengthening products, communities, and governments.

No. Activity Types Description
1 Community Services Health Education Comic related to the prevention and treatment of Diabetes Mellitus.
2 Research and Publications Exploration and development of traditional/herbal medicine taken from medicinal plants for Diabetes Mellitus therapy
3 Care and Technology Development of Rentina Monitoring with Ophthalmoscope and Biopsikososial Web-based Systeml


Future Goals

No. Activity
1 Conducting research and development in the field of diabetes care, including the development of diabetes-related medical and pharmaceutical technologies
2 Develop and disseminate knowledge and best practices in diabetes management to the wider community
3 Organizing training activities, workshops, and conferences in the field of diabetes to strengthen the competence of medical personnel and related experts.
4 Establishing cooperation with related institutions, industries, and agencies in an effort to develop research and innovation in the field of diabetes care